BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release Session

Individual Sessions with Giten Tonkov, Developer of the BBTR System

Starts at $250

Our BBTRS students will get a 25% discount!


Online Sessions with Giten

Giten’s individual sessions will meet your unique needs. He will support you to focus your attention and identify where and how past trauma (developmental as well as shock trauma) and traumatic stress is being stored in the physical body and how it manifests itself in health conditions. This may include chronic tension, pain syndrome as well as behaviors that are no longer serving you. As a client, you will be supported to identify the connection between physical tension, pain areas, and trauma-related patterns.

During the session, we will utilize the concept of felt sense, verbal support, and counseling as well as focused breath and movement exercises to connect to, mobilize and start to release trauma and stress-related physical, emotional and mental tension.

Giten’s online sessions have proven to be profoundly effective in supporting clients to release self-destructive behaviors such as addictions and negative thought patterns as well as improving conditions such as diabetes, nerve damage, and visual impairment. This is achieved by bringing attention to the physical body and releasing tension originating in past traumatic events.

Giten will furthermore support you to identify and creatively use your internal and external “resources”. What results is a lasting experience of enhanced feeling of safety, relaxation, aliveness, and vitality. This leads to the reduction of trauma and traumatic stress-related activation in daily life. As a client you will be given ‘homework’ in a form of daily self-practice in breath, felt sense exercises and active mediations.

Individual sessions are conducted via Skype or Zoom platform and last approximately 75 minutes.


1 session – US$ 250
A package of 5 sessions – US$ 1100 
Current or former BBTRS students receive discount.

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