Breathwork is a common term for a variety of modalities using conscious, specific breathing techniques for therapeutic purposes and/or altering states of consciousness. Breath work is a body/mind therapy which fosters the ability to open up the breath from previously restricted breathing patterns. This opening stimulates and nurtures movement from dis~ease to health & ease and stress/tension to relaxation; cultivating a free, full and balanced life.


Breathwork Training Participant
A Participant in one of our Breathwork Trainings

Breathwork is a powerful tool for exposing, resolving and integrating the stress & tension that has created stored trauma. The breath is a bridge from the subconscious to the conscious, initiating body awareness and supporting the controlled & defensive aspects of the mind to rest, therefore allowing a gentle & productive cathartic release of stagnant energies from the physical, emotional & mental structures.

In BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release, we use a deep, open mouth connected breathing. The bridge is formed and through somatic movements, the innate wisdom of the body/mind will release and resolve the stored traumas and stagnant energies. This will naturally slow down and mobilize the parasympathetic nervous system to bring upon a state of rest, relaxation & integration.

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