Breath, Body, Energy and Emotions

BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release 8-10 Session series is designed to support a person in his/her ability to feel him/herself (body sensations and body experience) and to gain a greater awareness of the body. It is about exploring body energy and recognizing tension and holding patterns, which develop during childhood in order to protect the ‘feeling core’ from too much pain. This so-called ‘body armoring’ helped the child to survive in a sometimes unsupportive or even violent family environment.

Through different exercises the person learns to be grounded in the body and to connect with repressed emotions. This will allow them to move more easily into an emotional release and therefore trauma release.

Through the ‘connected breathing’ technique, energy is charged directly into the body. When this happens, unconscious tensions and holding patterns are activated in the body and can be discharged or released through body movements and expressions of old emotions.

Most emotional states are connected with memories and beliefs from the past, which are stored in our body-mind system. By releasing the emotional charge, more space is made available in the body-mind structure. This creates a more subtle flow of energy within the body and a deeper relaxation into the core. This also helps us to understand behavior patterns from the past, of which our personality consists of.

This process will support anyone who’s willing to explore themselves to become more responsive to the reality of this moment. Awareness is created and a more conscious and flexible way of being in the different situations of relationship, work, and life unfolds.

With time the you will learn not to repress emotional impulses, but to understand what has triggered that emotion in the HERE and NOW. A person who is more aware of his/her body and emotional impulses can move out of trauma, repression or blind reaction and can respond in a natural and creative way to the realities of the moment. It becomes easier to feel what is really going on inside. The emotional energy can then be contained or used in a more sensible way (OSHO Dynamic Meditation, Mandala Meditation, OSHO Kunadalini Meditation and others).

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