The Gift of Anger – Part 1

The Gift of Anger – Part 1 by Prema McKeever   As we sit together in our session, she tells me about her terrible menstrual cramps, the chronic pains in her neck and shoulders, and I notice the tension in her jaw as she talks about stressors in her life.  I ask her to tell […]

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Who experiences trauma?

Excerpted from Feel to Heal: Releasing Trauma Through Body Awareness and Breathwork Practice  By Giten Tonkov  ©2019  It’s easy to agree that a “bad day” is different from “trauma,” and that “trauma” is a term that’s reserved for people who have experienced something very unusual. However, research across the world shows that the experiencing of traumatic events is […]

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Reichian Character Structures – The Psychopathic Structure

The Psychopathic Structure by Kat Anam Langer & Prema McKeever   When a child feels deeply betrayed in their trust, usually by their primary caregivers or also by a sibling or teacher, they may develop what Wilhelm Reich refers to as the “Psychopathic Structure”, also known as the “aggressive” or “controlling” pattern. This structure usually […]

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Using Emotion in BBTRS. From the upcoming book ‘BioDynamic Breathwork-Trauma Release System’ by Giten Tonkov

Using Emotion in BBTRS We know that emotions are deeply connected to the physical form and are reflected in the body. We know that people have different levels of EI, and fall somewhere on the spectrum of skills in identifying and working with their emotions. When it comes to BBTRS, we use this information to […]

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Somatic Therapy. A chapter from an upcoming book by Giten Tonkov.

SOMATIC THERAPY If breathwork is our direct access to the sympathetic nervous system, then somatic work is our primary exit path for trauma to release from tissues. Recalling that the word “somatic” means “of the body,” it’s clear that any therapeutic trauma release focusing on tissues requires a strong protocol for safe, effective movement. There […]

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Reichian Character Structures – The Oral Structure

The Oral Structure by Kat Langer & Prema McKeever   During the first couple of years of a child’s life, they are completely dependent on their primary caregiver (usually the mother) to fulfill their basic needs for food, comfort and affection. Ideally in this phase the child learns to trust that their basic needs will […]

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