Feel To Heal

BBTRS® Practitioner Certification Trainings

Our next Online Course starts September 20, 2023 (US/EU)

At this time of huge collective and individual change and transformation, more than ever our world needs highly attuned, skilled somatic breathwork and trauma release professionals. Over the last 10+ years of training more than 1,000 practitioners worldwide, we have honed the BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System® (BBTRS®) Training to become the leading and most comprehensive breathwork & trauma release practitioner training available on the market. 

BBTRS® is changing lives around the globe – day by day – creating true breakthroughs and deep transformations. The work starts at the core level of the nervous system and then deepens into an open heart space; from there, we connect with life more fully, freely & authentically. At this pivotal time in the history of humanity, we have a unique chance to evolve and lift ourselves and others into healthier, happier and more empowered versions of ourselves. The greater harmony and balance we want to see in this world starts from deep within each single one of us – we all need to embody the changes we want to see in this world!  

The first step of training is healing yourself, so you have more choice to act in a conscious way. Then, you become more capable of supporting others to do the same.
Feeling the impacts of social, familial, religious and even generational trauma, people are contracted. That is the main reason we started the BBTRS® training. There is a real need for this work in the world.
To practice BBTRS effectively, you have to transform your own traumatic behaviors into growth. Our goal is to bring that “inner work” out into the world.
The response is often immediate for people who explore this work. Just one session is enough to make one curious to look deeper.

The Man Behind BBTRS

BBTRS creator Giten Tonkov shares a mastery of body-oriented therapies that has evolved from more than 25 years of learning, exploration, and work with thousands of clients. A Licensed Massage Therapist and certified Breath & Body Oriented Therapist, he developed BBTRS on a years-long personal journey of recovering his own body, which carried the impact of a childhood accident. His body “remembered” the accident in ways his mind did not, and the suffering was trapped within him. Throughout many years of working with different bodywork, movement, and meditation techniques, he identified a series of tools that came together into a single practice that he has been sharing with thousands across the world for more than 10 years now.

Giten documented this work, and its origins, in Feel to Heal: Releasing Trauma Through Body Awareness and Breathwork Practice.

Are you looking for a real shift in your professional and/or personal life, a revolutionary toolbox to help release old patterns, traumas & long-held physical, mental and emotional tension? 

Are you ready to step into greater leadership and to be a light for yourself, for others and for this world during these extraordinary times of change and transformation? 

Then this training is for you!

BBTRS® Trainings are attended by

Breathwork Professionals
Thousands of years of experience in cultures around the world support the almost magical, transformative effects of conscious breathing. Dozens of patterns and practices have been developed to address almost any physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual need. BBTRS relies on the breath to access unconscious holding patterns and body-stored trauma—and then provides a finely attuned structure to help your clients release these stressors safely, from the core of the nervous system.
Professionals in Bodywork, Somatic Release, Yoga, Body-Mind, and Movement
The complexities of life are manifested in our bodies through the physical. Somatic practitioners see the effects of hard physical work, stress, exercise, trauma, and illness in their clients’ bodies and minds and are usually asked to help them unwind the results of tension, stress, and injury. BBTRS speaks your language, and then provides more tools to support your work and hold space for deeper states of relaxation and relief.
Medical Professionals (from Eastern and Western traditions), Acupuncture Practitioners
With an increasing acknowledgment of the effects of trauma and stress on the body, as well as their contribution to disease, many medical professionals are seeking alternatives. Current practices complement allopathic medicine and science with cutting-edge modalities that integrate body, mind, and spirit. Likewise, BBTRS is grounded in the ancient wisdom of the energy body but also utilizes leading psychosomatic research and the latest knowledge of the workings of the human body and nervous system.
Mental Health, Hypnosis, Coaching Practitioners
Achieving balance often involves seeking—by using the mind to find solutions to life’s challenges, and engaging the heart to both move and soothe the emotions. However, those in the mental health fields know that physical harmony supports general well-being, and that mind, body, and spirit work together. BBTRS provides you with the tools to connect your clients’ conscious and unconscious mental and emotional processes with what is showing in their bodies.
Spiritual Seekers, Energy Workers
Often we look “up” to find answers to our biggest questions, and we seek to find ourselves within the bigger picture. Meditation, prayer, study, service, energy work, and metaphysical approaches can take you closer to the answers you are seeking and add meaning, peace, and direction. BBTRS has the potential to reveal new layers and nuances to this journey and connect you more deeply—both with yourself and the world we live in.
Anyone Who Loves to Breathe
At some point in life, many of us feel the need for change or improvement. You might have experienced physical or emotional hardship, feel stuck, or just a bit out of sorts—or perhaps you have simply felt and observed the hugely uplifting effects of conscious breathing on yourself or on somebody else. BBTRS can help you with the shift that’s needed and re-align you with living your life to its fullest potential.

What we offer

  • Two flexible professional training routes, enabling you to either exclusively study from home or to combine home study with our life-changing in-person training workshops
  • Certification as BBTRS Online Practitioner (certified for online sessions only) or Full BBTRS Practitioner (certified for online & in-person sessions)
  • Comprehensive Curriculum of 260 hours for the Online Certification & 400 hours for the Online/In-person Certification
  • A revolutionary, safe & effective modality which is rooted in latest science and research on psychosomatic therapy, trauma release & the workings of the human nervous system
  • A team of world-class course facilitators, led by Giten Tonkov, supported by highly skilled mentors and assistants to hold you every step along the way of your training journey
  • A rich & fully experiential training experience which blends virtual learning, hands-on work, partnered and group sessions and exercises, self-study & mentoring into a highly engaging, fully supported and unique professional education format

What our trainees say

As a somatic psychotherapist I was already aware of the breath as an essential part of healing but not in the way BBTRS teaches it. I was blown away by the simplicity and potency. The slow pace really cracked something open in me. I could finally make sense of my own specific energetic blockage system, how it plays out in my physical, emotional and energetic life.
I have never experienced a system as powerful or as adaptable as BBTRS. I now work with this system full time and almost exclusively, both with one to one sessions and in workshops.
Breathwork is one of the three most powerful tools humans have available to release the past and awaken.
Compared to other modalities I’ve studied that use passive techniques, or the conscious mind via talk therapy, BBTR cuts through it all to go deeper.
Patients are experiencing new life energy and the ability to explore new things. We see their lives positively change.
I have dedicated my life to transformation and this training has gifted me with a huge piece which has allowed me to have a deep love and compassion for myself and for others.

BBTRS® Training Routes

We offer two flexible professional training routes, enabling you either to study exclusively from home or combine home study with our life-changing, in-person training workshops—depending on whether you intend to work with this modality exclusively in the virtual space or whether you want to offer hands-on, in-person client work.

The primary mode of delivery for the BBTRS Practitioner Training is online and everyone has to complete the 6-month Online Course that certifies you to give online 1:1 BBTRS sessions. If you wish to also practice BBTRS in its original 1:1 hands-on, in-person format, then attendance at two 8- or 11-day BBTRS training workshops is required. These can be completed at any of our beautiful worldwide locations. 

Both routes are fully experiential, meaning that you will receive many guided individual and group BBTRS sessions and also learn how to give sessions. In either route—virtual or in-person—you will practice on other students, clients, family, or friends as part of your certification.

We have answers for you!

We offer a free 30-minute consultation call with one of our team members to answer any question you may have to help you making the right choice about this training.

Online BBTRS Certification Training

270 hrs Online Course, taught in 3 modules over 6 months

Starting dates for our 2023 Online BBTRS Training Module 1:

US September 20, 2023 / 7am-1pm PST
EU September 20, 2023 / 4pm-10pm CET

Module 1

Foundational Module

The foundational module is fully experiential in nature and designed to familiarize you with the fundamental principles of breathwork and trauma release – the 6 Elements of BBTRS (Breath, Touch, Movement, Sound, Emotional Expression & Meditation) as well the the most important supporting principles (Felt Sense, Resourcing, Pendulation & Titration).

Module 1 is delivered via one live teaching block of 4 days (@ 6 hours / day) on Zoom as well as the 7-part home-practice ‘Breathe To Feel & Heal’ personal breathwork journey, to be completed either before or after the teaching block by each participant individually.

Curriculum includes (total 31 hours):

  • Foundations of Breathwork
  • The 6 elements of BBTRS & Contraindications
  • Felt Sense, Resourcing, Pendulation & Titration
  • OSHO Active Meditations
  • Guided group breathwork sessions
  • How to set up a 1:1 Online BBTRS session

Upon completion of the experiential elements (teaching block & home-practice course), participants who wish to study for certification will receive access to study materials and resources to complete prior to entering the practitioner route at Module 2.

Additional study required to proceed to Practitioner Module 2 (70 hours):

  • Individual BBTRS sessions with mentors & session exchanges with other students
  • Anatomy & Physiology of Breath Webinar
  • Understanding Trauma & The Nervous System Webinar
  • Self-Bodywork Techniques Webinar
  • Introduction to Reichian Character Structures & Developmental Trauma Webinar
  • Giten Tonkov’s book ‘Feel To Heal’ & BBTRS Practitioner Manual
  • Group Q&A session
  • 21-Day Meditation Challenge
Module 1
Module 2

Practitioner Module

The practitioner module covers the fundamental psychosomatic theories of Wilhelm Reich, the founding father of body-based psychotherapy, and their applications for BBTRS. We will look at the model of 5 Body Types & Character Structures and how trauma and tension is stored in 7 “belts” of tension, specific areas in the body which roughly correlate to the chakras. You will deeply explore your own body through each belt, using breath and self-bodywork techniques, and learn how to guide others safely through the process of identifying and releasing trauma by giving and receiving 1:1 Online BBTRS sessions. Module 2 is delivered via 4 x 1-day + 1 x weekend teaching units on Zoom (@6 hours / day), 6 recorded study sessions as well as regular Group Sharings and student “buddy pod” meetings.

Curriculum includes (81 hours total):

  • Reichian Body Types & Character Structures
  • The 7 Belts of Tension
  • Deepening of Developmental Trauma
  • Deepening of Self-bodywork techniques for trauma release
  • Conscious movement & Unwinding
  • 1:1 Session exchanges with other students
  • Regular group sharings and Q&A sessions with team and student “buddy pods”
  • 21-Day meditation challenge
  • Individual BBTRS sessions with mentors & session exchanges with other students
Module 2
Module 3

Certification Module

In the final module, you will hone and fine-tune your skills to set yourself up as a professional BBTRS Online Practitioner. You will gain tools and confidence to set up and hold safe session space, how to look after your clients & yourself, as well as the basics of how to start a business and promote yourself as a breathworker. You will be evaluated on your skills as a session giver and continue to receive the support of the team and your buddy pod all the way through to graduation and beyond. Module 3 is taught as a consecutive 4-day Zoom teaching unit (@ 5 hours / day). Additional time is given following the final teaching unit for students to complete all assignments and practice sessions. Students are also required to participate in 3 x Mentor Groups in the 3 months following completion of Module 3.

Curriculum includes:

  • Introduction to in-person small group breath sessions/workshops facilitation skills & techniques
  • Online group breath sessions/workshops facilitation skills & techniques
  • Language & Listening skills
  • Use of sound & music
  • Creating safe session space for client & practitioner
  • Principles of confidentiality
  • Self-marketing & promotion to build a thriving breathwork practice
  • Self-care
  • Final group sharings and Q&A sessions with team and buddy pod
  • Final session exchange for evaluation
  • 35 Practice Sessions (to be completed btw Module 2 + 3)
  • Individual BBTRS sessions with mentors
Module 3

Online & In-person BBTRS Certification Training

460+ hrs total, combining Online Course with two 8- or 11-day in-person workshops over a period up to 18 months. 

In addition to completing the Online Course, students of the combined route are required to attend two 8- or 11-day BBTRS in-person training workshops at any of our beautiful worldwide locations.

For best results, it is our suggestion that the first in-person workshop be taken either before starting the Online Course, or anytime during the Online Course and the second in-person workshop be attended during or after completing the Online Course.  If, however this can not be accomplished, it is okay to take both in-person workshops after the Online Course. 

  • Fully experiential workshops designed to deepen your understanding and application of the contents of the Online Course.
  • Receive and learn how to give 1:1 BBTRS sessions using touch & bodywork techniques through daily session exchanges and specially designed exercises to support your in-person work.
  • Minimum of 70 documented practice sessions for certification (35 online + 35 in-person).
  • The time frame for completing the Online Course + two in-person workshops can be anywhere between 6-18 months (or longer, if needed due to local COVID restrictions)

The first workshop is focused on your own experience of giving and receiving BBTRS sessions. The second workshop contains additional group mentoring sessions with the facilitators to deepen your knowledge and skills for graduation.

Schedule for our next
Online Training

The schedule for our upcoming Online Training was designed to accommodate participants in US & European time zones. 

Training workshops

In our training workshops, we equally welcome students as well as anyone who loves to breathe and wants to experience BBTRS purely for their own process of trauma release.

The Investment - Online Course

If you have already purchased the Breathe to Feel & Heal home-practice course, you  will receive $100 off your Online course fees.

Simply let us know when you apply!

Payment Options

Full Online Course Pricing

  • Regular price $4,266
  • 10% off if you pay full price at once: $3,840

$50 non-refundable administration fee payable on application is deducted from final course payment.

Available Payment Options

Option 1 – Payment in full: 10% discount of full price

Option 2 – Payment Plan: Regular price in 3 equal payments

Additional Fees

All students are required to take 4 sessions with one of our mentors, priced at $110/session, as part of the certification. This is not included in the price of the online course and is payable to the respective mentor upon booking.

Students who wish to study for the full practitioner certification training are required to attend two 8- or 11-day, in-person workshops at any worldwide location, priced at $1,800-$2,300/workshop + food/accommodations (≈ $300-$1,300/workshop). These workshops are NOT included in the price of the online course; these additional fees are payable on registration for any chosen workshop.

Our Cancellation Policy

Payments are refundable minus a $250 administration fee cancellation is made prior to start of module one.  Any cancellations after the start date are met with 100% no refund. 

The Commitment

Embarking on a new career path and training as a BBTRS Practitioner requires a significant commitment – to yourself and your own process of healing, your time and resources, the class and, of course, the people you will be serving. We promise you, it is so worth it and yet, we understand that you may have some questions or concerns about whether this is really right for you!

That’s why we offer free 30-minute consultation calls with one of our team to discuss your individual situation and to answer any questions you may have to help you make the right choice.

The Biodynamic Breathwork training with Giten has revitalized my own healing work. He creates a sacred space in which people can let their guard down and start to see who they really are.
I now feel connected to my center, comfortable with my profound inner strength and so much more alive!
The loving space that is held by Giten, Nisarga, Chetana, and others, and the practice itself are ripe ground for deep healing, revelation, expansion, and connection.

Our Faculty

Giten Tonkov

Founder & Director, BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release Institute, Co-Founder & Director of the Integral Body Institute in Poland

Prema McKeever

Certified BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release Practitioner, Co-Facilitator, Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist, Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner

Nisarga Eryk Dobosz

Certified BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release Practitioner and Course Facilitator, Co-Founder & Director of the Integral Body Institute in Poland

Dana Piper

Certified BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release Practitioner and Course Facilitator

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By registering, I agree this will be a safe space of openness where cultural, historical, generational, societal, and personal differences are respected without verbal or physical judgment, criticism, or harm.

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If I do not want to appear on video it is my responsibility to inform the course facilitators at the beginning of course. In this case I will not be videoed.

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II understand that the BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release Workshop & Training can be physically and emotionally intense. By registering, I agree that neither Alexander ‘Giten’ Tonkov, Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release™ Institute, nor any of its staff, coordinators, assistants, faculty members, technicians, affiliates, the venue, or representatives have any responsibility or liability for physical or emotional harm, property loss or damage that may result from attendance at or travel to and from the Workshop and I hereby release them from all claims in connection with my attendance of this workshop.

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