A global community Dedicated to each other’s growth and the art of healing from within

“Knowing we’re in it together is a magic elixir in BBTRS® workshops. ”

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Giten Tonkov, Founder

The nature of both sharing and receiving sessions in trainings and practice formats promotes a kind of closeness and camaraderie that transcends borders. Thousands of individuals have participated in BBTRS trainings taking place in diverse countries within every region of the world.

We are actively building in-person and online forums for fellow trainees to share challenging questions and new discoveries. We are dedicated to each other’s growth and to continually innovating this art of healing from within. Together, we support our global network of friends, clients, colleagues and communities to live with greater life, freedom and connection.

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Giving back

BBTRS® practitioners seek to share services and educational tools with organizations that support communities in need of trauma-related healing. Please see our Practitioner Data Base to find a practitioner in your local area who may share tools and services that align with your organization’s mission.

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Breathwork Forum

Our Forum is a resource for breath work practitioners, BBTRS students & people who are new to breath work. Here we share knowledge and talk about experiences related to breath & trauma release & healing.

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