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Sharon K.

Fluency Specialist, Speech & Language Therapist, Body & Breathworker, Amsterdam, NL

In my work as a speech therapist and fluency specialist, I work closely with psychotherapists in Amsterdam. I introduced BBTRS® to them on an individual basis. They strongly believe in the effect of BBTRS alongside psychotherapy. Psychotherapy treatment for our patients has become shorter and more effective. In general, patients are experiencing new life energy and the ability to explore new things. We see their lives positively change.

For people who stutter, I also provide BBTRS. The goal in treatment is to improve communication as well as general wellbeing. Growing awareness about internal and external reinforcing factors helps people who stutter to become more fluent speakers or more communicative stuttering people.

My experience is that BBTRS helps people who stutter to experience greater body awareness and control. Reducing feelings of “loss of control” helps to improve their lives.

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