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Dana Piper

For me thus far, the Anatomy & Physiology for Breathworkers was the most useful webinar as I got to study details of the breathing system as I never had before. This understanding of the process, including neurobiology & neurochemistry, helped me understand and more fully commit to the process of breathwork as a healing modality […]

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Nooraya Sophia Wales

Great course! Thank you so much. I loved your clarity and way of presenting. It was very helpful and contained useful information in regards to breath work and somatic therapy

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Pratiti Nugraheni Budhi Pramesti

I enjoyed your Understanding Trauma webinar and I found it very useful and informative. For me, this webinar provides detailed scientific information that really helps support breathwork. Living in Indonesia, this kind of scientific support will help people see breathwork as a legitimate form of therapy that works alongside counseling. View Mesti’s practitioner profile

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April Higgs

Thanks again for your commitment and passion to co-create these webinars as a practical and effective resource to understand the body’s response to trauma using this healing modality of breathwork. It is an empowering perspective to acknowledge how the body systems function rather than the reliance on feelings that cloud fragmented or distorted memories. Putting […]

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Jeffrey Tidrick

I just finished watching the character structure webinar, and wanted to let you know that I found it to be fantastic! For years I’ve had an interest in expanding my knowledge about Freud and Reich, including reading many of the books written by Reich. However, I often found these books to be tedious and difficult […]

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Malaika MaVeena Darville

This morning I awoke to the sound of soft rain after a crazy dream of our house being renovated into an Egyptian Temple and people sleeping everywhere in our house. As I rolled out of bed in the morning dream like state remembering snippets of my dream and still integrating the intensity of Giten Tonkov […]

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