Photo ofNooraya Sophia Wales

Nooraya Sophia Wales

BBTRS® Certified Practitioner & Course Facilitator, USA

The BBTRS training has made a huge impact on my life. The integrity of the program, the loving space that is held by Giten, Nisarga, Chetana, and others, and the practice itself are ripe ground for deep healing, revelation, expansion, and connection.

I feel blessed to have found this training. I have opened up in ways that are surprising to me. I am so much more in my body, attuned with it and feeling it in ways never felt before. I feel freer to express myself – less inhibited. I feel softer, more graceful, and lighter.

The training, which incorporates learning to resonate with others, holding space, application of techniques for trauma release, and giving, has further awakened the desire within me to serve — to help in the healing of others and to be in service to the awakening of humankind.

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