Photo ofNatalie Keany

Natalie Keany

BBTRS® Practitioner, London

Very early on in the first training I realized I’d broken through huge boundaries, and started to see clearly that they were self-imposed. I met with emotions in a way I’d never known before…. anger, grief, sadness. I was able to acknowledge them & let go of them. It was as if the depression and anxiety actually physically left my body. There was no longer this heavy dark feeling that I’d always known. I felt lighter, more energetic.

I felt connected to my body in ways I’d never known before. I felt bliss & joy. I was able to dance and play like a child. Interact with others playfully and intimately. Have eye contact without the feeling of shame and guilt. I could talk openly about my past without being emotionally attached to it. I was able to feel a deep authentic love for myself, for others, for life.

Gratitude, so much gratitude to be alive in this body, for all I’d experienced in life …. every bit of it.

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