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Help has arrived! Bravo and Thank You.

I am encouraged by the promise of this book, this approach! I’m new to Giten’s work, and this book is a perfect way to explore and use his approach to help myself heal from trauma. I’ve had those tremors and didn’t know what it was or what do do with them. My understanding is that this work, which I’m learning about from this book, releases the tension remaining in my tissues after traumatic experiences. For me, breast cancer surgery and treatment, and the loss of a child.
Through this approach, at home, with my community of healers, I’m looking forward to using what I’m learning in this book to move the trauma out of my body. Old stuff but also the stress and tension of modern life. I bet there’s trauma that I don’t even know the source of exactly that’s stuck in me!
Thank you Giten. You are helping others to help them (me) live more free and fulfilling lives. Bravo!

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