Introduction to Reichian Character Structures & Developmental Trauma

BBTRS Webinar Recording - 5.5 hours long


Wilhelm Reich is considered the Western originator of the science of Body Mind Psychotherapy. Reich explored how the early patterns of relating and attaching to others, if problematic, interrupted, or subject to trauma, can get “wired” into the brain and the body. This webinar series covers the life and work of Reich, the development of Bioenergetic Therapy, an overview of Attachment Theory, and a detailed discussion of each of the 5 Character Structures.

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Experiences around birth and early childhood form imprints in a person’s posture, body shape and muscular development, and with it emotional and mental defences or adaptations towards life. This is what Reich called Character Structure. This class, held in 4 parts, is designed for therapists of all body-based modalities (Breath workers, yoga instructors, bodyworkers, etc) as well as for anyone wanting an understanding of the formation of the 5 basic body types from the perspective of developmental trauma.

Students will understand the psychological process by which these structures develop, and the muscular and energetic patterns that form as a result.  There will be additional information provided on how to integrate that knowledge into working with people from a non-pathologizing character type perspective.

This webinar is part of the required curriculum for BBTR certification. To aid you in learning a PDF copy of the slides used in the webinar are included in your download.  Also included in the download is the short quiz that all BBTR students need to complete in order to receive credit towards their certification. The recordings of the webinar is 5.5 hours in total.

Topics covered in this webinar are:

  • The contributions of Reich, Alexander Lowen, and modern somatic psychology to the development of the Character Structure model.
  • Attachment Theory
  • Schizoid structure
  • Oral structure
  • Psychopathic structure
  • Masochistic structure
  • Rigid structure


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