Understanding Trauma: Our Body, Brain & Emotions

BBTRS Webinar Recording - 4 hours long


This 3 part webinar is an overview of the physical, emotional, and mental effects of trauma and hones in on what BBTRS students need to know. It is full of practical information and specifically addresses the important issues involved in working with clients.

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Traumatic events are unfortunately a part of nearly everyone’s life. To be of most benefit to those we work with, we must understand the physiological & psychological effects of trauma. This series isis meant for anyone wanting to understand their own mind and body better, as well as those who work with people such as yoga teachers, therapists, body workers and breath therapists. Itis part of the required curriculum for BBTRS students.To aid you in learning a PDF copy of the slides used in the webinar are included in your download.Also included in the download is the short quiz that all BBTRS students need to complete in order to receive credit towards their certification.

Topics covered in the webinar are

  • Overview of different types of trauma
  • Interpersonal neurobiology and physiology of attachment
  • Hypothalamis-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, opioids, and adrenal fatigue
  • The polyvagal theory and the activation cycle of social engagement strategies, orienting, fight/flight, freeze/collapse and deactivation
  • Manifestations of traumatic stress
  • Trauma and memory

Special attention will be paid to emotional and somatic disorders commonly seen among people suffering from trauma, e.g., addiction, anxiety, panic, anger, chronic pain, chronic stress, depression, dissociation, attention (ADD, ADHD).

This product consists of a download of 3 webinar recordings as standard video files (MP4-format) and 3 webinar handouts in PDF-format, one handout for each recording. The webinar recordings are 4 hours in total.

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