Anatomy & Physiology of Breathwork

BBTRS Webinar Recording - 2.5 hours long


This 2 part webinar is an overview of the basic anatomy and physiology that every breathwork practitioner should know in order to work safely and effectively with clients.

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This class, held in 2 parts, is specially designed for breathwork practitioners to address the important anatomical, physiological, and safety issues involved in working with clients.  It is part of the required curriculum for BBTR certification and the information covered will also benefit massage therapists, yoga teachers, and others in the healing professions. To aid you in learning a PDF copy of the slides used in the webinar are included in your download.  Also included in the download is the short quiz that all BBTR students need to complete in order to receive credit towards their certification. The recordings of the webinar are 2.5 hours in total.

Topics covered in this webinar are:

  • Anatomy & physiology of the pulmonary system
  • Hypoventilation and hyperventilation, and what is different about breathwork
  • Muscular, emotional and energetic anatomy of the 7 “Belts of Tension”
  • Autonomic nervous system from a trauma perspective.
  • The importance of the psoas muscle and its relationship to trauma.
  • The fascia network.
  • Conditions pertinent to safety, eg. contraindications, heart conditions, etc.


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