Fear as a guiding light.

Dear Friends,

I would like to share some thoughts about fear. Fear is something we have all experienced at one time in our lives. For some individuals, the experience of fear can be so intense; it has the power to stop one from living their true potential. For others, it’s a guiding light, illuminatig the direction of personal growth.

The fears of one individual are nothing more then the fears of all humanity condensed within a single being. Everything that keeps humanity in a state of struggle and pain is manifested within an individual identity and the planetary traumas are a reflection of the individual darkness magnified on a grand scale.

The pain of separation, anxiety, struggle for power, the need to belong as well as the need to be needed
are all reflected in each and every one of us. As we purge our fears and pain, we purge the pain and fears of generations that came before us. As we heal ourselves, we do our duty to heal the rest of humanity.

The entire world is currently experiencing a great purge of the pain of universal unconsciousness and separation. A strong catharsis is needed and the current state of our society and the planet has the quality of this catharsis; this is our active healing process. For this pain to be resolved and transcended, it first needed to be brought to the light. If it remained hidden, it would always be lurking in the background trying to sabotage us.

As I write this I also realize that there is space for darkness as well as there is space for light. Without one there is no other, both are needed for contrast and completion. Just like the black and white parts of the yin and yang are completing each other, fear
and love complete and help to define each other. To transcend the duality, we must embrace these

qualities. Fighting with them is futile. The more resistance, the more power these forces get. They thrive on fighting and separation. It is interplay of existence.

In BBTRS our task is to uncover the fears and devices that have been put in place, to keep us as parts of the society, that are wandering lost in darkness. As we support each individual to look at these fears and pain of separation objectively and to embrace them with all our heart, we create the freedom for light to enter. As a flicker of a small candle is enough to dispel the deepest, darkness, the light of awareness is enough to shatter the most intense pain of unconsciousness and separation.

Giten Tonkov,
Director, BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release

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