Breathwork Webinars - Trauma Release Webinars

The Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release Institute offers a selection of breathwork webinars (which are actually breathwork and also trauma release webinars). Our webinars are a valuable educational tool for breathwork & trauma release practitioners to learn more about anatomy, physiology, somatic psychology and trauma healing.

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Webinar Testimonials - Breathwork Webinars

Your webinar is clear and very helpful. I was in need for this theoretic background.

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Photo of Sharon Kousbroek

Sharon Kousbroek
BBTRS Practitioner, Netherlands

The webinar helped me understand and more fully commit to the process of breathwork as a healing modality for trauma

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Photo of Dana Piper

Dana Piper
Licensed Massage Therapist, USA

For me, this webinar provides detailed scientific information that really helps support breathwork.

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Photo of Pratiti Nugraheni Budhi Pramesti

Pratiti Nugraheni Budhi Pramesti
Breathwork Practitioner, Indonesia

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