Healing Developmental Trauma – A Journey Through the Character Structures

May 17 - May 23, 2020

This a Special Skills Workshop/Training. It is open to all BBTRS trainees as well as anyone wanting to broaden their understanding of Character Structures and how to work with them in sessions.

Join Prema McKeever on this special journey through the formation of important mind-body patterns known as “Character Structures”. We all carry the story of our early life experiences, and it is written into our emotional and physical body. It’s been discovered that there are five basic Character Structures that form in response to how we are attached, loved, received and related to as children. These Structures are held particularly in our muscles and get “hard-wired” into our body in the form of “armoring”, actually shaping our bodies and the flow of vital life energy within us.  This armoring also strongly affect our behaviors, beliefs and personality – beyond conscious awareness – like default programs shaping how we live our lives.

This ‘armoring’ of the body blocks the flow of bioenergy and limits the natural expression of feeling, connection and essence.  In this group we will connect with the language of our bodies, exploring the Character Structures as a pathway for healing and personal growth.

This experiential training will deepen your understanding of how developmental trauma impacts us as adults, and the importance of using attachment theory and the polyvagal theory to safely work with trauma. You will learn exercises, touch work, and techniques to bring into any type of healing session so you have more options to offer you clients to help them heal from developmental trauma. You will learn and experience:

  • The core developmental needs that have to be met in our 5 Reichian stages of development from conception to age six.
  • What happens when those needs are not met and how to best support our client’s healing of those developmental traumas.
  • How Attachment Theory and Polyvagal Theory can support us as therapists to offer better treatments for our clients
  • Understanding and working with shame.
  • Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release sessions
  • How to repair boundary ruptures and help clients re-establish healthy boundaries.
  • How to support nervous system regulation, trauma release, and healthy attachment through touch work.
    And much more!

This group is designed for breathworkers, healers, coaches and therapists of all types, as well as anyone wanting to dive deeper into understanding their own developmental history and explore somatic approaches to healing.

The prerequisite to attend this course are watching the BBTRS webinars ‘Introduction to Reichian Character Types’ and ‘Understanding Trauma – Our Body, Brain and Emotions’.  Both can be purchased in our store.



Presented by Prema McKeever

Prema is a body-based therapist, group workshop facilitator and educator who combines more than 20 years of experience in Eastern medicine, meditation, emotional release work, and body-mind therapies.

By treating thousands of patients as a doctor of Chinese medicine she saw how vital our emotional health is for our physical health.  Looking for ways to help herself and her patients release stored trauma in the body, she trained in BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release and considers it a sacred honor to facilitate and teach this deeply healing system of breath work.  Her training also includes Hakomi (a body-centered system of psychotherapy), the 3 year Somatic Experiencing® trauma resolution training and she is a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner.  Her website is www.SacredInquiry.com


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