Geneva Yoga Festival

Sep 14 - Sep 15, 2019

Our BBTRS team will be facilitating 2 events at the Geneva Yoga festival. Whether you are contemplating a BBTRS training, have a passion for breathwork or are simply curious about the power of your breath-body connection, this is a great opportunity to experience this powerful modality in a group space, whilst being safely and lovingly guided on your journey by Daniel & Natalie.


Geneva Yoga Festival

Salle Terre – Air – Feu
Ecole de Meyrin-Village
Avenue de Vaudagne 6

1217 Meyrin, Geneva, Switzerland


Saturday 14th September 14:00-15:45

Sunday 15th September 16:15-18:00


Price – Conscious Pricing – Donation on the Door


BBTRS uses deep breathing to recharge the body, activating specific muscle tension belts and emotional patterns. The sessions are designed in series to stimulate and rebalance your mind and body from head to toe. BBTRS will allow you to communicate intimately with yourself and others. You can feel the full range of emotions and sensations you can as a human being and celebrate life to the fullest.

Breathwork is a general term describing numerous available modalities that use the breath as a main tool for exploring alternate states of consciousness, meditation as well as in therapy.
People around the world, seeing the power of it, have used breath as a healing tool since ancient times. Even Latin words for breath and spirit are the same. Breathwork utilizes conscious manipulation or controlling of breathing patterns to achieve a certain desired results. The amounts of O2 and CO2 we take in, expel or maintain in our blood levels have direct effect of on our physical bodies and well-being. Various breathwork modalities make use of scientific information available to us about effects of levels oxygenation on our organism. These modalities utilize special breathing techniques, which support increasing or decreasing levels of oxygen in our body to achieve a desired result.

A direct connection between our breath and our emotional responses is utilized by many existing Breathwork modalities. Many modern body-oriented psychotherapy modalities, such as Bioenergetic Therapy founded by Alexander Lowen, as well as mainstream therapies rooted in foundation of the work of famous body-oriented psychologist Wilhelm Reich use breath as one of their main tools.

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