Moving Within ~ Exploring Felt Sense through BBTRS®

Jul 03 - Jul 08, 2020

About the workshop

Much of our focus in our daily lives is on processing stimuli from our external environment which naturally trigger a range of mostly unconscious reactions, thoughts, beliefs, emotions and stories that we identify with. Somatic therapeutic modalities, such as BBTRS, focus on cultivating awareness of our internal experience and feeling states in our bodies to help us move through unconscious patterns and bring balance to our lives.

The Felt Sense is the “sensory” non~verbal landscape within the physical body. It directs one’s attention from thoughts, beliefs, emotions, objects and situations happening in the external world towards the fluid qualities of our somatic experience, bringing vague and seemingly indescribable sensations into clear presence. By entering into a process of curious inquiry and cultivation of felt sense, we learn to identify and be present with many different kinds of sensations and recognize them in their ever changing nature, without defaulting into the habit of judging or labeling them with meaning, emotions &/or attaching them to story.

This practice helps us deepen the connection with our mind-body systems and bridge the conscious self with the unconscious &/or subconscious self. Through on-going cultivation of this awareness, we learn to also accept the fluid nature of our emotions, reactions and behaviors thus supporting a diminished attachment or pure non~attachment to how we define ourselves or judge others.

In this workshop, we will utilize elements of BBTRS® to encourage integration and embodiment of the felt sense through the breath, therapeutic touch, conscious movement, meditation, sound and awareness exercises. An integral part of the workshop experience, the pristine nature and healing waters of Breitenbush Hot Springs will support our exploration in a playful, enjoyable way and provide a nourishing and relaxing environment to tune in and immerse yourself deeply.

This workshop is aimed at anyone wishing to become more embodied &/or learn about/deepen their felt sense for their own practice or for healing practitioners wishing to integrate felt sense into their work with clients.

The location

Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat and Conference Center is a remote forest sanctuary of timeless natural beauty on 154 acres surrounded by national forest. Blessed with abundant hot springs, a glacier-fed river, ancient forest and surrounding mountains, it is a place where you will disconnect from digital distraction and discover a deep personal connection with the natural world and with yourself.

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