BBTRS & Sonora Desert Shamanic Medicine Retreat with Jewelli, Giten & Chetana

Jan 30 - Feb 08, 2020

The lush Costa Rican rainforest environment, teeming with spectacular wildlife, provides an unforgettable setting for our next BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release Retreat. Our days amongst the magnificent jungle and colorful, flowing waters will rejuvenate you, as you journey, reset and rest into the oneness of your true self. This is a rare opportunity for a breakthrough experience that redefines and empowers your understanding of who and what you truly are.

This profound retreat is designed for a small gathering of 14 people to explore consciousness together, in a very intimate setting. Over 9 days, you will experience the gifts of ancient healing technologies through a unique combination of working with the BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System (BBTRS) and sacred medicine from the Sonoran Desert. These nature-based meditations reveal a profound truth, a merging with the infinite, and a unification with divine source energy that flows through all of creation.

Beyond just a holiday, prepare yourself for the journey of a lifetime in one of this planet’s most stunning and immaculate eco-sysytems. Our dream and mission is to pass on the wisdom and age old healing practices, which we at the BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release Institute, have been so fortunate to receive for ourselves. We believe the vital relationship between these ancient traditions and the primacy of nature can truly enliven, heal and rejuvenate mind, body and spirit. What we are facilitating is ancient, modern and eternal, and builds upon all that you have experienced before. With our team of experienced trauma therapists and medicine persons who have hosted this retreat many times in the past, you’ll be safely guided in letting go and rejoining the non-dual state, to reconnect you to the ocean of deep source consciousness within us all.




Sonoran Desert Oneness Meditations

Nature-based meditations reveal a profound truth, a merging with the infinite, and a unification with divine source energy that flows through all of creation.

Who Is This For?

  • Those who are seriously ready for change on a core, deep level
  • People who have experience with meditation, self-inquiry, or plant and shamanic earth medicines
  • Seekers with open heart-minds who wish to explore the depths of their true self
  • Aware beings that are grounded in their own spiritual practice

What May I Experience?

  • An awareness of, and a chance to release limiting beliefs, patterns and habits
  • A taste of ego death and rebirth and an intense lesson in lovingly letting go
  • The rare opportunity for a breakthrough experience that redefines and empowers your understanding of who and what you truly are
  • A new vision of life and a remembering of your cherished place in it
  • An appreciation and awe of the true inter-connectedness and joy of existence



The highlights of this retreat and price will include

  • BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release sessions
  • One-on-one ceremonies and group meditations with the powerful Sonoran Desert
  • Daily meditations, group exercises & self awareness processes
  • Group sharings
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Trance Dance Journey
  • Full day trip to the exotic Goddess Waterfalls
  • Optional guided nature tours and experiences to enhance your program including: An interpreted tour of Guaria De Osa’s Ethnobotanical Gardens; a presentation on cultural and biological diversity.
  • Daily free time for personal integration & resourcing with the surrounding pristine nature
  • Three daily delicious meals with vegetarian options
  • 9 nights stay at Guaria De Osa Eco-Lodge
  • Domestic group round trip bus transportation between San Jose & Osa Peninsula
  • Osa Peninsula round trip marine transfer to/from the venue via the river town of Sierpe to experience the most intact mangrove reserve in tropical America.

The location

Guaria De Osa says:

Proceeds from your fees channeled to non-profit Fundación OSA rainforest conservation in the Ecuadorian Andes & Amazon and our marine turtle rescue project on the Osa Peninsula. As well the Terra Incognita Project, currently researching neuroscience, conservation and preservation.

The Osa Peninsula remains Costa Rica’s last wild frontier even twenty-five years after its first national park – Corcovado – was created in the peninsula. The Osa Peninsula is also called “The Little Amazon” of Costa Rica. With pristine beaches and virgin forest, the Osa Peninsula is described by National Geographic as “The most biologically intense place on Earth.” This description is a reference to the incredible abundance of wildlife on the Osa Peninsula – not only in it’s rainforests, but in it’s surrounding marine environment as well. Without a doubt, the most unique area in all of Costa Rica, the Osa is a place where Jaguars still roam the jungle and Scarlet Macaws fly around in the towns and campesinos from the mountains still ride a horse – something you will rarely see anywhere else in the country.

  • ‘Our front yard’ – 1 1/4 mile long secluded coconut laden tropical beach
  • ‘Our back yard’ – pristine rainforest
  • Exuberant Ethnobotanical Gardens
  • Abundant Wildlife
  • Important Scarlet Macaw nesting site
  • Marine turtle nesting site
  • Pristine Pacific Ocean
  • Beach Rainforest trekking
  • Neighboring Corcovado National Park and Caño Island Oceanic Reserve
  • On site birding, monkey viewing, nature adoration, ocean swim, snorkel, boogie board and surf
  • Rest, Relax and recharge!
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