BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release Retreat in Portugal

Join Natalie Keany in the mountains of Portugal for this completely off-grid 5 day retreat. Returning to your true nature in every sense.

Nestled deep within the rural mountains of central Portugal, a place of surreal tranquility and breathtaking beauty lies the Merkaba centre. A community dedicated to sustainable living and creating a space for transformation. The centre is off grid. There is no wifi available on site (if you require internet access please arrange a SIM card or data package with your provider or local provider). All food is either grown on the land or sourced locally. The retreat is residential. It consists of 2 half days and 4 full days. A perfect opportunity to dive deep into this intensive experiential BBTRS retreat without distraction, whilst being held in the nurturing presence of nature.

During this retreat we will join together as a small intimate group (maximum 12 participants) and use breathwork as a vehicle for exploring our inner world and simultaneously release long held trauma and tension from the physical and emotional body, whilst using felt sense and resource to create a safe container from which to explore.

Natalie will guide you through a beautiful and intensive journey of opening up the breath and body, and releasing the tension stored in specific areas throughout the body with the use of specially designed exercises, meditation, movement, sound, touch, group and partner exercises, emotional & physical release. There will be laughter, play, tears, connection and lots of expansion.

This fully experiential retreat is designed to meet and dissolve layers of body armouring; releasing mental, emotional & physical resistance and stress from your nervous system and cellular memory. As a result, you will intimately reconnect with your true essence, which will organically bring about a depth of connection with others, while creating internal space and a sense of vitality. This practice allows the stuck ‘fight/flight/freeze’ response to be completed in a safe and supported environment, this in turn brings about the unlocking of enormous amounts of energy which was previously used for contraction and holding.

We will be working with felt sense, somatic experiencing, titration, resonance and rapport, which will aid us in moving into deeper realms of trust and surrender. We will explore authentic expression through movement, play and voice. We will look at the interruption of the impulse to reach out for connection and the armouring which has formed around the heart, so that we can once again open up to love. We will breathe as a group and also exchange breathwork journeys and hold space for a partner.

This retreat is suitable for those who would like to spend 5 days off grid in a natural, sustainable environment and who are able to dedicate this time for their own personal growth without distractions from the external environment. It is an opportunity for anyone who has had a desire to experience living in a simple and natural way, breathe clean air and eat lovingly prepared, natural and locally sourced food.

The retreat is also suitable for those who wish to deepen their understanding of body oriented therapy. It is also a great introduction for those who may be interested in joining the full BBTRS practitioner program. And a wonderful opportunity for those who wish to embark on a personal journey, explore their own inner world, release long held tension and trauma from the physical & emotional body and wish to make changes in their own life.


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