BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release 5-day immersion in Taiwan

Dec 06 - Dec 10, 2019

Join Natalie Keany in the city of Taipei for this 5-day immersion of BBTRS. Returning to a deeper connection with your body and your unique authenticity.

From the time our bodies begin to form in our mother’s womb, we are receiving and recording information about the environment and people around us. Until the day we die, we are deeply affected by the events which happen in our lives, from the conditioning we take on from family and society, as well as the experiences and traumas which are passed down from generation to generation. Our personality and our bodies start to form according to all we experience.

Trauma, life experiences, conditioning, self limiting beliefs and ancestral wounding not only affect our mental wellbeing, they also affect us on an energetic, behavioural and physical level. Over time, unprocessed events and emotions start to taint the way we interact with others, we develop unhealthy behavioural patterns, addictions, and our physical body starts to shape and form based on the holding and storing of this unprocessed information in the tissue of the body. This literally becomes like an amour which hardens and becomes used as a system of defence. There was a time when this ‘armour’ was necessary for us to keep going and function in life. But there comes a time when it is no longer needed as it starts to hold us back or cause an imbalance. Through holding this tension in the body, we may start to encounter tension & contraction, aches, pains, postural problems and eventually, disease.

In The BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System we work with 7 major belts of tension in the body, based on the findings of mind-body therapist Wilhelm Reich. During this 5 day immersion we will work specifically and in depth with some of these belts of tension. We will be using breathwork to charge the body with energy. We will use bodywork, sound and movement to release any physical & emotional tension which is being stored in the body memory. And consciously learn to differentiate and pendulate between charge and resource.

When the body begins to release, we generally feel lighter, freer and more spacious, more connected to ourselves and others. We often have insights and realisations about our patterns, beliefs and behaviour, which in turn, gives us the focus to bring necessary change to our lives and start to live our lives with purpose.

The retreat is also suitable for those who wish to deepen their understanding of body oriented therapy. It is also a great introduction for those who may be interested in joining the full BBTRS practitioner program. And a wonderful opportunity for those who wish to embark on a personal journey, explore their own inner world, release long held tension and trauma from the physical & emotional body and wish to make changes in their own life.

Prior to the main events, Natalie will also be offering intro workshops and private sessions in Taipei November 19-23

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