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Who experiences trauma?

Excerpted from Feel to Heal: Releasing Trauma Through Body Awareness and Breathwork Practice  By Giten Tonkov  ©2019  It’s easy to agree that a “bad day” is different from “trauma,” and that “trauma” is a term that’s reserved for people who have experienced something very unusual. However, research across the world shows that the experiencing of traumatic events is […]

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Reichian Character Structures – The Psychopathic Structure

The Psychopathic Structure by Kat Anam Langer & Prema McKeever   When a child feels deeply betrayed in their trust, usually by their primary caregivers or also by a sibling or teacher, they may develop what Wilhelm Reich refers to as the “Psychopathic Structure”, also known as the “aggressive” or “controlling” pattern. This structure usually […]

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Reichian Character Structures – The Schizoid Structure

The Schizoid Structure by Prema McKeever & Kat Langer   Ideally as we are developing within our mother’s womb our nervous system and incoming spirit gets a sense of being welcomed and safely held.  Hopefully there’s a sense that we are wanted and connected to our mother emotionally and energetically.  Babies can get signals of […]

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Working with Reichian Character Structures & BBTRS

Working with Reichian Character Structures & BBTRS by Prema McKeever & Kat Langer   When thinking of psychotherapy, most of us will have heard of and perhaps have also experienced different types of “talking therapy”, such psychoanalysis, psychodynamic therapies or cognitive behavioral therapy.  These therapies are prevalent in the Western world and are commonly supported […]

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The Yoga & Self Mastery Summit

Dear Yogis, Please join me in a FREE online gathering this September 13-19: The Yoga & Self Mastery Summit, by Hanuman Academy. I am honored to be one of 30+ master yoga teachers, consciousness leaders and wisdom keepers chosen to discuss the deeper roots of yoga…WHY it is that we practice, and HOW we can […]

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