Belts of Tension

Dr Wilhelm Reich discovered that there are 7 segments of “body armouring” that results when energy is bound by muscular contraction and does not flow through the body. He believed that the chronic muscular spasms develops as a defense against the breakthrough of overwhelming emotions and organ sensations, particularly anxiety, rage and sexual excitation. The seven segments can be identified by the main feature of each area: the eyes (Ocular Segment); the jaw (Oral Segment); the neck (Cervical Segment); the heart (Thoracic Segment); the waist (Diaphragmatic Segment) ; the belly (Abdominal Segment); and the pelvis and legs (Pelvic Segment).

In Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release System we work systematically with each belt of tension, helping to gently release the constriction and emotional energy held at each level. As the segments of psychological and somatic defenses mechanisms as released in the BBTR sessions, our clients experience a fuller access to their feelings, body sensations, and core self.

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