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Breathwork webinars (short for Web-based seminar) are an increasing popular way to present valuable information, guide classes and hold discussions using video conferencing software. This method allows students to learn at home without the costs associated with travel or taking time away from work. The breathwork webinars are presented live and students are also sent a recording of the webinars so they can refer back to them as needed.
The Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release training uses breathwork webinars to teach important subjects such as anatomy, physiology, developmental psychology and trauma. Our breathwork webinars are open to both those wanting to learn how to facilitate breathwork sessions for others and for anyone wanting to learn more about their own mind, body, and trauma healing.

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Webinar Testimonials - Breathwork Webinars

Thanks again for your commitment and passion to co-create these webinars as a practical and effective resource to understand the body's response to trauma using this healing modality of breathwork.

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Photo of April Higgs

April Higgs
Student, Canada

Great course! Thank you so much. I loved your clarity and way of presenting.

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Photo of Nooraya Sophia Wales

Nooraya Sophia Wales
BBTRS® Certified Practitioner & Course Facilitator, USA

You are doing a great job of weaving together all the important concepts in a way that makes them easy to understand, and useful to me as someone who is passionate about learning all I can about trauma.

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Photo of Jeffrey Tidrick

Jeffrey Tidrick
Medical Evacuation Pilot & Owner, Trauma 2 Health, LLC, USA

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