Breathwork Exercises

Unwinding Movement & Breathwork Exercise

In this video, BBTRS founder Giten Tonkov explains and demonstrates unwinding spinal movement, a key component of Biodynamic Breathwork. This movement, when done properly and slowly, opens dense contracted connective and muscular tissues around the spine and creates a free flow of energy thought the whole body.

Breathwork & Silence Practice

In this short self-practice video BBTRS founder Giten Tonkov introduces a 20-minute self-practice involving breath movement and silence. This practice can be done at any time of the day and supports relaxation, general well being and stress relief.

Breathwork Exercise & Felt Sense

In this simple yet very effective self-practice exercise you will experience the power of breathwork and the use of the concept of felt sense. We use this powerful tool in Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release workshops because it is proven to keep people present to the physical sense of their bodies and avid dissociation during breathwork experience.

BBTRS Guided Meditation – Felt Sense and energy harnessing

In this guided felt sense meditation you will be supported to bring your awareness to the interior of your body. Biodynamic Breathwork founder Giten Tonkov will guide you to keep your attention on your energy flow and allow stuck and trapped energy to release by simple but powerful muscular engagement technique. This will release and harness your trapped bio-energy. Through this guided meditation you will be able to gather, accumulate and use this energy when you feel necessary.

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