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Hallucinations after a session
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Prema McKeever
Vancouver, Canada

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October 30, 2016
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January 25, 2018 - 9:18 pm
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Hi Katharina,

One question ~

When you say to your knowledge she has no pre-existing psychiatric conditions, have you asked her about her health history? Do you have a form that people fill out that specifically asks that?

I think it is very good that she will be having private sessions with you moving forward so you can give her more support to allow to come forth whatever it is that is moving through her.  I can only use the energy and understanding of Chinese medicine – which is a largely energetic system of healing as is BBTRS – to offer an interpretation of her experience.  The “big stuff” that started coming up but was held in on some level created a  heat in her system – in Chinese medicine stagnation (something not being allowed to move through her system but rather held in) very easily leads to heat.  Heat rises, can cause fever and mild hallucinations.  Interesting that the hallucinations were about a completion of her experience – taking away the “object”.  That’s a good sign that her own healing capacity and energy is well onboard.

Sounds like she has a good understanding of herself and good that this didn’t cause worry.  Great that you checked in with her a few times. How you can best support her is by continuing to guide her to feel safe and able to release.  If it feels like something is trapped in her body after the session you can try to guide her through her imagination/intention to more awareness of her arms/hands & legs/feet – those are the discharge pathways through which material held in our body and throat can most easily leave the body.  Seeing if any of the stuck energy can move out her limbs – even if only a few drops.  This will often open those pathways and allow for discharge to complete.  Grounding exercises through the legs & feet after the session can also be very helpful.  

Hope this helps ~

Be well,


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January 17, 2018 - 3:44 am
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A client reported that she had ‘hallucinations’ (her choice of word) after her first session.

About half an hour after the session she stated feeling ‘off’ and feverish. In her own words: “As I got home, straight to bed, fever hit but in a strangely lucid way. I had hallucinations 3 times of you coming into the bedroom to check on me, to take away the “object” that was producing this and finally to make it leave. Very spacey, in a very unpleasent but surprising way. This isnt thaaat odd for me, when I toy with my mind in such profound ways it usually has very positive and very negative responses at once, so just observing and accepting and taking it slow.”

She said she was feeling fine again after that and the next days (I checked in with her a few times just to be sure).

Her session was in a small group and it was clear that big stuff started coming up for her but though she kept moving a lot she also exerted a lot of control and didn’t quite allow whatever was going on to come to the surface. A lot of her movements looked like she was birthing. But non of us talked about an “object” (which came up in her ‘hallucination’ afterwards).

To my knowledge she has no pre-consisting psychiatrist condition and isn’t a regular drug user either.

Any ideas? How can I best support her, especially in future private sessions and also making sure she’s fine AFTER the sessions?

Grateful for any input!


This topic is locked
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