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Client staying long time in shaking and tremblingstate
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January 29, 2018 - 10:50 am
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When a client trembles for a while it is usually a good idea to let them go though it without interrupting. But you need to make sure that they’re not at any time overwhelmed by this experience. For someone who’s never allowed themselves to experience this kind of bodily sensation it can become a bit much. Looks like in a case of your client, he was quite relaxed and enjoying it.

At this point no more charge building in the body is necessary. The charge is already manifesting in trembling. Keeping a client present to this sensation though tracking body sensation is key here.

Usually this kind of trembling will subside on it’s own. Some people can take longer then others but rest assured it will subside leaving the client relaxed and breathing deeply.


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January 25, 2018 - 10:44 pm
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I was working with a client who stayed a long time (half an hour+) in a state where his body just kept trembling and shaking. At first he was belly/face down on the mat and tremors and tension release started in his pelvic/lower back area. With this release his breath also slowed down, but the trembling just continued, so I thought “Let’s just allow it and stay with this for a while. But it just kept going for 10-15 min. and he’s breathing was relative relaxt and slow. The trembling continued but get slower now. We then decided to move him on his back, face up, and see what would happen in that position. We didn’t focus on re-charging the body by getting his breathing depth and frequency up, since the shaking and trembling just kept continuing also in this position. All through this period client, besides the natural occuring shaking and trembling, didn’t move his body much.

My question: “What would you do in a situation where the trembling (and occasional the more intense shaking) just keeps continuing & client is not moving very much & breath is relaxed and not really charging the body?”

It felt to me that there was little I could add to the process besides just be present and now and then check in with client to see what he was experiencing. But I am curious if anyone has a different outlook on it.

The shaking/trembling process must have taken at least half an hour if not more. Eventually when client was on his back he placed his hands on his belly and they where sort of locked there for a while as if closing and energy circuit and client explained he was actually going deeper into his belly area with his attention and pressence, and as he said it, going into a core wounding concerning an issue with his father. Even though on the outside it looked like a pretty relaxt session, he himself voiced it as pretty intense.

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