BBTRS® Sessions

BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release® sessions are designed in an integrated series to energize, open and balance your whole being. The BBTRS 6-Element approach supports your body’s natural process for releasing chronic tension, self-restricting patterns and emotional trauma – opening the way for feelings of joy, self love, and deep relaxation.

You can target specific issues for personal growth with this flexible system. Bringing things to light that were hidden and unknown, connecting unconscious patterns to past events, you gain more choice to act with awareness, intimacy and connection to others.

BBTRS® practitioners create a safe setting to breathe, sense your body and explore feelings unconditionally. You’ll also be supported to return to your own internal resources for support and comfort whenever necessary.

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What can I expect in a session?

An average session lasts 60 minutes. It’s best to wear loose fitting clothing that supports movement and relaxation, and bring drinking water.

Sessions include:

  • An initial discussion helps to support your specific needs & overall experience.
  • Continuous deep connected breathing charges up your body & sets the pace.
  • Tensions, past experiences & holding patterns in the mind/body become activated.
  • A BBTRS® practitioner offers guidance with conscious touch & movement to support physical & emotional release.
  • Meditation & sharing help to integrate what you experience before concluding the session.

What people say

This is how I always imagined I could help others. And, I am awestruck by what it has shown me about myself.

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Photo of Michelle M.

Michelle M.
Pharm.D., USA

I am constantly amazed by how centered, grounded, and comfortable I am in in my own body. BBTRS® has helped me to stand in my full power.

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Photo of Jo M.

Jo M.
Massage Therapist, Australia

I could have lived the rest of my life on the path I was on. Now, I have the chance to go so much deeper. Thank You!!!

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Photo of Dr. Jason C.

Dr. Jason C.
Pharm. D, Yoga Teacher, USA

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