Conor (Conch) O’Doherty

Certified BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release Practitioner

About Conor

Conor was first introduced and guided towards BBTRS during a plant medicine retreat in 2015. Since that day the connection between the breath, the plants and himself has grown stronger. He demonstrates this by combining shamanic practices into his Breathwork sessions.

What Conor loves about sharing Breathwork with others is that it allows people to witness their true potential, to feel and experience themselves like (often) never before, helping them open up to the idea that they are their own healer.

Music and sound also play a big role in Conor’s approach to breathwork. He utilises a variety of musical instruments and sound healing tools to complement and expand the Breathwork experience.

He is based in Essex where he facilitates one-to-one as well as mixed and men only group Breathwork sessions, and visits London regularly to host group sessions.

Instagram @consciousbreath

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