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I have dedicated my life to transformation and this training has gifted me with a huge piece which has allowed me to have a deep love and compassion for myself and for others.

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Photo of Malaika MaVeena Darville

Malaika MaVeena Darville, 5Elements Dance Creatrix & retreats - www.inmyelements.com, Bali

Working with the BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System for me is a journey of solving my own traumas first, and realizing how much trauma is stored in the body. I am starting to feel lighter and I understand now how trauma is working. The beauty of sharing this work is in realizing that we are all suffering. It's a human condition. It is deep work and you go on a journey together with your client to the deepest corners of the soul. I enjoy the training a lot because you can do it at your own pace. I also really like how the training is put together and, of course, Giten and Nisarga are great teachers with a lot of experience and knowledge.

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Photo of Aranka Vos

Aranka Vos, BBTRS Trainee, Portugal

I have never experienced a system as powerful or as adaptable as BBTRS. I now work with this system full time and almost exclusively, both with one to one sessions and in workshops.

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Photo of Mark Sutton

Mark Sutton, Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release Practitioner, United Kingdom

Breathwork is one of the three most powerful tools humans have available to release the past and awaken.

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Photo of Eeshira Hart

Eeshira Hart, Sound healing practitioner, facilitator, speaker & singer, Bali

I now feel connected to my center, comfortable with my profound inner strength and so much more alive!

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Photo of Prema M.

Prema M., LaC., BBTRS® Practitioner, Vancouver

The results I experience with my patients are nothing short of remarkable.

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Photo of Yevgeny Fomin

Yevgeny Fomin, Ph.D. Psychiatry, Psychotherapist, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Moscow Clinic of Department of Presidential Affairs

Compared to other modalities I've studied that use passive techniques, or the conscious mind via talk therapy, BBTR cuts through it all to go deeper.

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Photo of Jim P.

Jim P., President, PT, In-Home Therapy Services, USA

The loving space that is held by Giten, Nisarga, Chetana, and others, and the practice itself are ripe ground for deep healing, revelation, expansion, and connection.

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Photo of Nooraya Sophia Wales

Nooraya Sophia Wales, BBTRS® Certified Practitioner & Course Facilitator, USA

Patients are experiencing new life energy and the ability to explore new things. We see their lives positively change.

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Photo of Sharon K.

Sharon K., Fluency Specialist, Speech & Language Therapist, Body & Breathworker, Amsterdam, NL



BBTR guided me to an experience of going deeper than anything has taken me in over 20 years of frustrated seeking for relief from deep trauma. Giten’s incredible love, sensitivity, wisdom and clarity guided me to touch a place I couldn't reach. I feel tremendous gratitude for this work.

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Photo of Guy S.

Guy S., Manshine Gathering, Byron Bay, Australia

I found my life after changed. My relationships deepened. My capacity for business expanded.

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Photo of Dr Sundardas D Annamalay

Dr Sundardas D Annamalay, Naturopathic Physician, CEO NTC Alliance Group of Companies, Singapore

Giten's guidance through the training, as with everything he does is provided with constant encouragement, love and support along with an innate knowledge of the practice. There's no bullshit involved whatsoever.

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Photo of Eoghan Cleary

Eoghan Cleary, Youth Development Worker and Yoga Teacher, Ireland

The Biodynamic Breathwork training with Giten has revitalized my own healing work. He creates a sacred space in which people can let their guard down and start to see who they really are.

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Photo of Viriam K.

Viriam K., United Kingdom

I have regained a full experience of my true Self and feel the power to fulfill my mission on this planet.

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Photo of Jan M.

Jan M.

I could have lived the rest of my life on the path I was on. Now, I have the chance to go so much deeper. Thank You!!!

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Photo of Dr. Jason C.

Dr. Jason C., Pharm. D, Yoga Teacher, USA

Very early on in the first training I realized I'd broken through huge boundaries, and started to see clearly that they were self-imposed.

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Photo of Natalie Keany

Natalie Keany, BBTRS® Practitioner, London

I am constantly amazed by how centered, grounded, and comfortable I am in in my own body. BBTRS® has helped me to stand in my full power.

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Photo of Jo M.

Jo M., Massage Therapist, Australia

After the BBTRS® training, something magical, maybe miraculous, happened: I literally felt tension, trauma and stuck places in my body release, shift and open up.

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Photo of Michelle G.

Michelle G., Mental Health Therapist, USA

This is how I always imagined I could help others. And, I am awestruck by what it has shown me about myself.

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Photo of Michelle M.

Michelle M., Pharm.D., USA


Breathwork Webinars

Your webinar is clear and very helpful. I was in need for this theoretic background.

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Photo of Sharon Kousbroek

Sharon Kousbroek, BBTRS Practitioner, Netherlands

You are doing a great job of weaving together all the important concepts in a way that makes them easy to understand, and useful to me as someone who is passionate about learning all I can about trauma.

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Photo of Jeffrey Tidrick

Jeffrey Tidrick, Medical Evacuation Pilot & Owner, Trauma 2 Health, LLC, USA

Thanks again for your commitment and passion to co-create these webinars as a practical and effective resource to understand the body's response to trauma using this healing modality of breathwork.

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Photo of April Higgs

April Higgs, Student, Canada

For me, this webinar provides detailed scientific information that really helps support breathwork.

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Photo of Pratiti Nugraheni Budhi Pramesti

Pratiti Nugraheni Budhi Pramesti, Breathwork Practitioner, Indonesia

Great course! Thank you so much. I loved your clarity and way of presenting.

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Photo of Nooraya Sophia Wales

Nooraya Sophia Wales, BBTRS® Certified Practitioner & Course Facilitator, USA

The webinar helped me understand and more fully commit to the process of breathwork as a healing modality for trauma

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Photo of Dana Piper

Dana Piper, Licensed Massage Therapist, USA

I just want to say WOW! The webinar was so fascinating to me.

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Photo of J. Tipton

J. Tipton, USA


Breathwork Book

An essential book for those working with breathwork, body work & trauma, and for those who wish to gain insights & clarity about their own physical & emotional tensions.

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Photo of Natalie Keany

Natalie Keany, Yoga teacher & breathwork facilitator, London, UK

I strongly recommend this book to anyone who does trauma-informed work, or has experienced some form of trauma in their lives.

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Photo of Anand Pravas

Anand Pravas, Certified BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release Practitioner, Germany & Hong Kong

I strongly and whole-heartedly recommend this excellent book. It is a fundamental read for anyone working with breathwork or trauma-informed work, and of course anyone with an interest or curiosity to live a more open and more free life!

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Photo of Pia Prana Muggerud

Pia Prana Muggerud, Life Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, Hong Kong

I am encouraged by the promise of this book, this approach! I’m new to Giten’s work, and this book is a perfect way to explore and use his approach to help myself heal from trauma.

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Photo of Marcy

Marcy, Amazon Customer

An absolute must for any therapist. This is not just a book on breath, trauma and how to bring healing to the human body it is a piece of art.

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Photo of Yonathan Eidels

Yonathan Eidels, Amazon Customer

Clearly and entertainingly written. I'm brand-new to these concepts, and appreciated having them explained in a cogent non-mumbo-jumbo fashion. A fascinating read.

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Photo of Sam Garrison

Sam Garrison, Amazon Customer

Feel to Heal combines inspiring anecdotal accounts with solid research- science, medicine, psychology-along with the more ethereal aspects of our lives.

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Photo of A Respectable Adult

A Respectable Adult, Amazon Customer

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