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Is BBTRS just for people with big problems, like PTSD? 

Excerpted from Feel to Heal: Releasing Trauma Through Body Awareness and Breathwork Practice  By Giten Tonkov  ©2019  Trauma usually results when your fight-or-flight is engaged, but there’s nowhere to run. In everyday life, “nowhere to run” might mean any one of a million things. Maybe it’s literally that you cannot physically or emotionally escape danger; it might […]

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Is Breathwork the New Yoga?

by Anam Kat Langer   With different breathwork practices gaining popularity around the world, breathwork workshops are becoming an integral part of some of the biggest yoga studios’ and festivals’ schedules. Some even say that breathwork is becoming “the new yoga” and since there is obviously no need to replace yoga, let’s look at how […]

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